The Souls Of Black Men Trailer

September 29, 2011

“Souls Of Black Men” Movie Casting Call

March 31, 2011


Endangered Creations, LLC & Blackified, LLC. is now casting for their new feature film to be shot in May 2011.

“Souls of Black Men”  is a feature film that focuses on the struggles of 5 African American males as they work through their inner demons, adversities and life journeys together.

Casting will be held Sunday April 17, 2011

If interested, email your head shot and resume to

For more info go to


Reverend James Clayton: (Male Age 25-55) A God fearing man who is dealing with an infidel wife that he cannot bring himself to divorce due to his immense love for her and the fear of the gossips/members of his mega church.

Steve (Male Age 25-55) A dark skin brother who was very poor and considered unattractive when he was younger. Now, with a muscular body and the chiseled face of a greek God, not to mention his wealth due to the ownership of the largest construction company in the city, he finds it hard dealing with success; financially, personally and emotionally due to a past hurt.

Jalen – (Male Age 25-55) A writer who has always strived to be the best but grew into everything by trail and error. He has dealt with a broken heart on many occasions even though he was at the center of the cause.  He is his greatest pain. He needs a woman for inspiration. He is a good man with money but a terrible mate to be had.

Lawrence – (Male Age 25-55) A high powered attorney who loves “young” women and always needs to have two or more of them to keep him satisfied, although he has a fear of commitment. His favorite saying: “I don’t want nothing old but my money!” Now he is growing old and can’t seem to keep up with the “younger” ladies any longer.

Percy: The “Ex” drug dealer who has spent many years in prison for drug smuggling. He has stashed much of his profits therefore his is rich beyond measure.  He is average looking and ruthless to those he does not know.  Women adore him for his “bad boy” image, even though he is not chasing them because secretly he prefers men.

Allen: (Male Age 25 – 55) A hourly electrician at Chrysler, making $160k per year, extraordinarily handsome, hard working, kind hearted but very shy.  He would take the woman employed at IHop if she would only talk to him.

Carmen: (Female Age 20-35) A beautiful waitress that brings drinks and delivers wit and feminine insight to the guys.  SHe is also in her last semester of nursing school.

Teenage Steve – (Male age 13-18)

Teenage Percy – (Male age 13-18)

Teenage James – (Male age 13-18)

Teenage Lawrence – (Male age 13-18)

Teenage Allen – (Male age 13-18)

Female Drug Addict – (age 20 – 40)

Carlita Pettway – (Female age 30 – 60) – Very stern, educated and slightly sexy school principle.

Rose – (Female age 25-45) – Reverend Clayton’s very beautiful but cheating wife. First lady of the church but would rather be the only lady in her husband’s life.

Young girl #1 – Super “fast” high school female that speaks with an attitude and out of her neck. Her “fastness” causes a shooting between her boyfriend and another boy in her school who was aggressively hitting on her.

Young Boy # 1 – Young, ignorant and ego driven high school male who attempts to shoot another high school student over his girlfriend.

Percy’s Grandmother – 60+ African American “Big Mama” style grandmother who tries to talk some sense into her misguided grandson.

Restaurant Owner/Management – (Male age 25+) – Typical mid-level management type who likes to control and micromanage all angles of his company.

Church congregation – 100+ extras of all ages and races for a church sermon scene.

ALL ACTORS  must be able to sell wide range of emotion with exaggerated gestures and facial expressions.


Souls of Black Men Movie Teaser 2009

March 31, 2011


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